Are You Interested in Getting Robotics Toys for your Kids at Home?

These are robot toys that we’ve used or have seen others use and are excited to make you aware of:

Dash and Dot

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

LEGO WeDo 2.0



Anki Cozmo



Teaching Resources for Popular Robotics Toys and Systems:

Dash and Dot Teachers Portal

CMU EV3 Curriculum and Training

LEGO WeDo 2.0 Tools and Curriculum

VEX IQ Instructions and Downloads

The Dash and Dot Show

LEGO EV3 Lesson Plans

LEGO WeDo 2.0 and Scratch

VEX IQ Curriculum

Competitions for Robotics Systems 

Wonder League Robotics Competition

FIRST LEGO League for LEGO Mindstorms

FIRST LEGO League Jr. for LEGO WeDo 2.0


Did you like a Hands-On Project that you did at one of our events? Here are some great resources:

If you’re looking for robot building resources:

Andy Mark

Andy Mark supplies industry standard hardware and equipment that is legal for use on the FIRST Robotics Competition robots.

VEX Robotics

In addition to supplying equipment for FRC robots, VEX produces an educational robotics kit for PLTW HS Engineering classes along with a version that is more suitable for younger students. VEX runs competitions for each of these product lines as well.

Cross the Road Electronics

An innovative company that designs embedded solutions for robotics applications, Cross the Road produces many controllers and devices that can be used in the FIRST Robotics Competition as well as in other applications.

McMaster Carr

McMaster has an easily searchable, thorough supply of the key fasteners, stock, and equipment used in fabrication of mechanical projects.

Bane Bots

Another great robotics supplier, Bane Bots has a selection of wheels with a variety of Durometer values as well as motors and other equipment.

The Composites Store

Local to Tehachapi, the Composites Store supplies materials for composite fabrication across the country.


A great supplier of electronic components for hobbyists, Spark Fun is easily searchable and has project ideas for varying skill levels.


More of a wharehouse of electronics components, digikey has a huge variety of components and a searchable database to help you find the right one.