Scholarships for FIRST Robotics Students

With over $50,000,000 available in Scholarship Money for just this year, FIRST has a tremendous network of providers to help you get to college!  Check out the FIRST Scholarship program to find out what opportunities await you!

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Meeting Times and Program Schedules

Build Season is Upon Us!  
We’ve got six weeks to build our robot for FIRST Power Up!

Unless stated otherwise, the robotics team meets every day after school until 9PM, with break at 5:30 for fresh air - resume at 6:00.
Saturday meetings start at 9AM and end at 5PM - lunch is provided by the parent boosters
Week 1 - Prototyping and Proof of Concept with Design Defense on Saturday, January 13
Week 2 - Initial Design Development and Prototype Base Development with drivable First Pass on Saturday, January 20
(also meeting on Monday, January 15, from 10AM until you all go home)
Week 3 - Preliminary Manipulator Construction and Rapid Prototyping with Materials Specification on Saturday, January 27
Week 4 - Fabrication of Competition Base and Manipulator Components with Painting on Saturday, February 3
Week 5 - Assembly of Base and Manipulator Components with completion of Competition and Practice Robot on Saturday, February 10
Week 6 - Testing and Refinement of Robot with STOP BUILD DAY on Tuesday, February 20 - bag and tag at 9PM
(also meeting over the four day weekend - Friday 2/16, Saturday 2/17, and Monday 2/19, from 10AM until you all go home)

Congratulations to the New Leadership!

The election results are in!  
President: Rocky
VP Robot: Adam
VP Outreach: Chloe
Secretary: Mahaila
Treasurer: Toby
ASB Reps: Riley and Hunter

The Calendar of Everything That Matters

Download the TeamUp App to have the Calendar on your Phone!

Useful Links

In case you get asked if you’ve done it, come here to find the link!

Register with FIRST

Student registration with FIRST is done through the Parent Portal.  Please register so you can become official!  Instructions are linked below. 

Order your Team Shirt

Get Safety Trained

In order to travel with to any event, team members must be trained in the following areas:
  - Back Injury Prevention
  - Electrical Safety
  - Fire Extinguishers
  - Injury and Illness Prevention
  - Wood Technology Safety
  - Machine Safeguarding and Safety Compliance
  - Safety for Student Workers
  - Indoor Air Quality
  - Violence in the Workplace

Log in to the website and designate yourself as an “other” to get access to all the modules you need to be trained with. Please see Safety Captain Brandon for help if you need it. Remember to save PDFs of your certificates so you can upload them into the safety database.

Access Tutorials

Do you want to program in LabView (using the standard WPI libraries, modifying some, and creating our own) or Python (version 2.7.x to connect with the TK1), or learn CAD with Onshape? Check out these tutorials to get your baseline up so you can start working alongside the more experienced members.