The Next Super Science Saturday will be November 9, 2019 

Filled with fun, science-related activities for kids of all ages, Super Science Saturday is a family friendly event free for everyone. Each booth, ran by our team members, has an engaging activity that teaches children about science concepts like the structure of an atom, organs in the human body, DNA structure, and strength and materials.

This year Super Science Saturday will be on Saturday, November 9 from 12 to 4 PM. 

Super Science Saturday also serves as an EXPO for our FLL Jr. teams who present their models and posters to judges as practice before they go to their competition at LEGOLand in February.

Super Science Saturday 2018

At last years Super Science Saturday, we once again opened the day with the FLL Jr. Exposition, where our FLL Jr. teams presented their projects to “judges” from Scaled Composites and the Tehachapi Unified School District. The most popular stations included making slime and making bath bombs, while a new station on geometric bubbles was wildlly popular. 

Super Science Saturday 2017

At the 2017 Super Science Saturday, we began the day with our 12 FLL Jr. Teams presenting to three judges, followed by a small ceremony, recognizing each team for their hard work. Once the science expo was under-way, families participated in a variety of activities. The most popular events were the “Make Your Own Bath Bomb” booth and the “Build a Fidget Spinner” table. Some of the more appetizing activiites included building constellations with marshmallows; exploring the structure of an atom with m&ms, cookies, and icing; and exploring the phases of the moon with Oreo Cookies. Our 3D printers were working overtime to teach students about additive manufacturing and we hosted the Google Hour of Code activity for students who wanted to create a new Google Logo while learning about programming. Over 300 fidget spinners walked out the door at the end of the day, along with their happy owners and quite a few bath bombs.

Super Science Saturday 2016

At the 2016 Super Science Saturday, we began the day with our 12 FLL Jr. Teams presenting to three judges, two who came from Scaled Composites and the other from Lockheed Martin. A small ceremony was held congradulating each team for their hard work and then the big event began. Parents and children had a fun time doing science activities as a family. One of the most favorite booths, the Structure of an Atom, teaches kids about atoms using Nila cookies, frosting, and m&ms to learn atom structure. Kids also participated in making a life size human body systems model, assembled wood gliders, saw and learned about 3D printing and made slime. The local Gem and Minerals Society had a booth along with NASA, Southern Kern Rocketry Club and Tehachapi Audubon Society.

Super Science Saturday 2015

At the 2015 Super Science Saturday, we incorporated our first FLL Jr. Exposition, judged by members of the Art, Science, and Technology Council of Tehachapi. Children and families were able to build rubber band powered planes, DNA from Twizzlers and Gummy Bears, bouncy balls, and UV activated bracelets. The local astronomy club had a demonstration and allowed kids to look through their telescopes and we had a book sale booth through Barnes and Noble.