The Programming Team

The Programmers find ways to overcome problems with coding- how to program autonomous and code vision to complete objectives of the challenge.

Vision - Acquiring Targets

The eyes of a Programmer

For this year's vision code, we have decided to use Python on our Jetson TK-1. We will use OpenCV to target our objectives and use the data to correctly place the gears. This will also help the RoboRIO with processer utilization by moving the computationally intensive vision tasks off to the faster Jetson.

The Code for Vision

Location - Where are we, anyway?

Orbiting the Programmers

For this year's robot, we decided to go with the rock-solid gyro from the navX IMU and the on-board RoboRio Accelerometer.  Although the NavX has an accelerometer, we have foud the onboard accelerometer of the RoboRIO to be more reliable. We developed a set of autonomous closed-loop motion primitives to make tasks that require precision, easy to implement.  These are critical to enable quick placement for the gear on the lift.

The Code for Robot Location

Feedback - Do we have the Gear?

Automation is the key, when you can’t see.

Our main gear pick-up mechanism requires the reversal of rotational direction of a series of rollers.  If it happens too soon or too late, the gear is ejected out of the robot, or pinned underneath.  Unfortunately, the driver cannot see what is happening underneath the robot.  By sensing the gear position, and automating the timing of the reversal, our pick-up mechanism increases its ability to reliably lift the gear, without the driver having to guess its position.

Our Code for Sensors

The Programming Team at Work

Sometimes, they look up from their computers