The Manipulator Team and their Prototypes

The manipulator team figures out how to deal with the field elements - how to pick up and deliver objects to their scoring conditions, and how to interact with any items on the field.

Intake of Power Cubes

Capturing Power Cubes and Orienting them into Position for the Placement Manipulator

The intake is designed to capture and control the Power Cubes from the floor of the playing field, then transfer the cubes to the top of the robot, where our placement manipulator is waiting to deliver them to the platform of the scale.  

If needed, the intake can be reversed to usher Power Cubes into the exchange, where the human player can use them to build up boosts.

Placing the Cubes on the Scale

Gripping and Lifting the Power Cubes from the Top of the Robot to the Scoring Platform

Our articulated placement manipulator utilizes pneumatics to hug the Power Cubes once they are delivered into position by the intake.

Climbing the Wall

Using a Fireman’s Ladder with Full Capture of the Climbing Target

The climbing manipulator extends like an extension ladder to reach the climbing target. Using jigs to align quickly, the cilmbing grips provide support to resist tilting while the robot ascends to scoring position.

The Manipulator Team at Work

What’s the best way to interact with the field elements?