2016 FLL Jr. Challenge - Creature Craze

In 2016, we were able to continue our original three FLL Jr. teams and add another nine, for a total of twelve teams.  Over seventy first- through third-graders participated in the Creature Craze challenge, culminating in an expo at our annual Super Science Saturday.  Through the Creature Craze challenge, students learned about honey bees, their habitat, their importance to our ecosystem, and challenges they face. Teams then chose an animal that also lives in the honey bee habitat. They researched their animal, creating a presentation board to share their findings, and created LEGO models of their animal’s habitat, including a motorized component and the honey bee and its hive.

Teams participated in an FLL Jr. Exposition at our annual Super Science Saturday in November, 2016, and at LEGOLand in February of 2017.

The Chocolate Flying Stinging Bunnies

FLL Jr. Team 5096, the Chocolate Flying Stinging Bunnies, researched frogs. Frogs live in forests and use their eyeballs to push food into their stomachs. A frog can jump up to seven feet. Baby frogs are tadpoles that grow up in the water until they grow legs.

The Invisible Dragons

FLL Jr. Team 5271, the Invisible Dragons, researched the skunk! They found that it sprays stinky stuff out of its rear end. It has four legs, a bushy tail, and white stripes. The skunk is known as a predator and burrows in old trees to sleep.

The Wild LEGO Building Dragons

FLL Jr. Team 5272, the Wild LEGO Building Dragons, researched snakes. They found that snakes have been around since the dinosaurs. Snakes eat many different things, and king snakes even eat other snakes! They aren’t all mean, but some snakes do suffocate their enemies.

The R/C Star Cars

FLL Jr. Team 8785, the R/C Star Cars, researched geckos. They found that geckos have special muscles that help them stick to stuff. They eat bugs and plants but only Leopard Geckos have teeth. Certain types of geckos can change their colors, some of them can even be blue.

LEGO Force

FLL Jr. Team 8786, LEGO Force, researched the Ladybug. They found that can be red, orange, or yellow, and they have black spots. Ladybugs help people by eating aphids off of flowers. Ladybugs can be hurt by pesticides found on pants


FLL Jr. Team 8787, the Horses, researched the woodpecker. They found that the woodpecker has a long beak, which makes it special. The woodpecker lives in the forest, where it can find bugs to eat. Some woodpeckers eat acorns.

Robotics Masters

FLL Jr. Team 8788, the Robotics Masters, researched the wolf. They found that wolves come in many different colors, including red, white, and black. Some wolves have colored eyes. Wolves are carnivores that live in packs of up to 15 members. They hunt deer, elk, rabbits, buffalo, wild turkey, and bobcats.

Fire Diamonds

FLL Jr. Team 8789, the Fire Diamonds, researched the racoon. They found that racoons are omnivores that live in the forest and they are very smart. They also found that they biggest challenge for racoons is from hunting and being hit by cars.  To protect racoons, we should be careful when driving.

LEGO Science

FLL Jr. Team 8790, LEGO Science, researched the Jaguar, which is the biggest cat in the Americas. It has spots all over its body and lives alone, except during mating season. They are carnivores, eating mammals and fish.


FLL Jr. Team 8791, Tigers, researched parrots. They found that there are 372 different species of parrots, which can grow up to 35 inches long and up to 80 years old.  They live in tropical areas and are brightly colored.

Karate Tiger Cubs

FLL Jr. Team 8792, the Karate Tiger Cubs, researched lizards. Some lizards can lose their tails to escape from predators. They live in the rainforest and in the desert, where trees and rocks give them places to hide. Lizards eat bugs and flies.

LEGO Builders

FLL Jr. Team 8793, the LEGO Builders, reserached the horse, They found that horses eat hay and live in barns. The horse shares its habitat with the bee because they both eat from things that grow in the field.

FLL Jr. Expo at Super Science Saturday

Showing off several weeks of hard work (and fun!)

FLL Jr. in Action

Working together to discover new things and remain curious.