2015 FLL Jr. Challenge - Waste Wise

In 2015, we started our FLL Jr. program with 15 elementary students. These students broke up into three teams to participate in the Waste Wise challenge, culminating in an expo at our annual Super Science Saturday and a trip to LEGOLand for their FLL Jr. Exposition.  Through the Waste Wise challenge, students learned about simple machines and product life cycles. Teams then chose a materiall that we use regularly and researched its life cycle: how it’s produced, used, and recycled, repurposed, or reused. They then built a LEGO model to show off their discoveries, including a simple machine and a motorized part. At the expo, students used a tri-fold poster to display their research and explained their findings.

Teams participated in an FLL Jr. Exposition at our annual Super Science Saturday in November, 2015, and at LEGOLand in February of 2016.

The Cyber Peeps

FLL Jr. Team 5096, the Cyber Peeps, researched vehicle tires. They found that rubber isn’t recyclable, but the old tires can be repurposed into different products.  Their model shows a playground with “mulch” made of shredded tires, a tire swing, a see saw, and a motorized carousel for people to ride on.

The Unicorn War Machines

FLL Jr. Team 5271, the Unicorn War Machines, researched aluminum cans. They learned that aluminum is able to be recycled over and over again, making toys, materials, and aluminum cans all over again. They built a model of a recycling plant with several motorized machines to “recycle” the aluminum cans.

The Spider RoboDinosaurs

FLL Jr. Team 5272, the Spider RoboDinosaurs, researched plastic bottles. They found that plastic bottles can be recycled into other bottles, furniture, toys, and even clothing! Their model shows a recycling plant with a conveyor belt, ramps, gears, and axles.

FLL Jr. Kiddos in Action

Working together to learn new things and add kindling to a spark of curiosity.