2016 FLL Challenge - Animal Instincts

The objective of this year’s FLL Challenge included completing various missions to help animals such as bees and sharks reach a destination. They also had to do activities that showed how animals help humans in daily life like help a blind person cross the street safely. The team with the most objectives complete and highest points receive a spot in state competetion for FLL in California. Their overall appearance of Gracious Professionalism and their Core values affected their score as well. They had to complete and present one main issue in the world with animals and the enivronment and explain how they worked as a team to resolve that problem.

The Key to the Silver Moon

FLL Team 28119, the Key to the Silver Moon, researched foster homes for retired working dogs.They used thier gracious professionalism and supported other teams during the competition.

The Tomahawks

FLL Team 28122, the Tomahawks, were inspired by tarantulas as they designed their robot. They researched the energy cycle within biomes.

The Robot Claws

FLL Team 28126, the Robot Claws, investigated ways to use aqueducts and save energy with water. Discovered a unique way to use their robot for transporting objectives.

The Brick Fighters

FLL Jr. Team 28127, the Brick Fighters, programmed their robot to score high point goals and innovated the robots overall acheivements. Researched the ways that insects such as bugs help our environment and lifestyles.

The Biocks

The Biocks of Golden Hills Elementary School used their creative skills to make an awesome team name and robot. They inspired other teams to use more creativity and have more fun as they work together. 

Robotic Cyber Kittens

Golden Hills after school team, the Robotics Cyber Kittens, modeled their robot after Wall-E. They enjoyed interacting with each other and learning about robots for an hour after school each week.

The Halo Foxes of Fire

The Halo Foxes of Fire took their ideas and used them to create a robot that helped farm animals. They used their team work skills and took first place in their scrimmage with the other FLL teams in Tehachapi.

FLL at the Ridgeview Raptors Rumble

Showing off several weeks of hard work (and fun!)

FLL in Action

Working together to discover new things and remain curious.