FLL Team 28126

MEKA Robotics

The Challenge

In the 2017-18 FLL Hydrodynamics Season, you will learn all about water - how do we find it, transport it, and use it? What might be possible when we understand how we use water?

Our Solution

Droughts are a crisis in the human water cycle. When a drought occurs, less rainfall happens in an area, so there isn’t as much water. To help conserve water and not waste what we have, we invented the SENSONATOR.

The SENSONATOR is a watering control system that uses a capacitive moisture sensor to tell you when to turn on or turn off your sprinklers.  You can change the settings for the SENSONATOR to tell you when to water for different plants, like orchids or celery, or grapes.  Right now, our SENSONATOR shows messages on a screen, but we would like to make a better version that sends messages to your phone, too. 

Meet our team

We are a group of skilled individuals.

The team in action

Just a sample of what we do.