The Electrical Team and their Components

The electrical team is lead by this year's team President, Jelly Romero. She works with the underclassmen and teaches them how to wire and solder electrical components properly while being safe. The electrical team must work closely with the programming team inorder to keep both the wires and the program from getting mixed up and messy. The skills they gain will then be taught to future team members and carry them into their future careers.

Maintaining High Standards

The work is in the details 

Our experienced teammembers teach the younger students what is expected and what is safe for and during wiring. We have detailed posters to remind students which wires to use, which connectors to use, and to have lots of twist with the yellow and green CAM wires. The students practice to make sure that the wires are perfectly cut, stripped, and crimped so no wires are exposed or frayed. 

To reduce errors and more easily teach proper wiring techniques, we use Anderson Powerpoles to establish color codes for connections. A wide selection of Powerpole products can be found at

Anderson Powerpoles WebsitePowerwerx

Battery Conditioning

How you charge your batteries matters.

Our team keeps close track of our batteries and their conditions. We use NOCO Genius 3500 battery chargers to keep our batteries happily charged and conditioned.

NOCO Genius 3500

Motor Loads and Efficiency

Make the motors go faster, better!

Every motor has a band of efficiency where it works best, gives you the best output, and operates most efficiently.  Taking the time to evaluate the purpose of the motors and how you want them to behave will help you identify the correct motor for that application.  VEX Robotics  has a great tutorial on how to evaluate and specify motors for the best results.

VEX Robotics Tutorial

The Electrical Team at Work

How to build a robust system.