The Drive System Team

This year, the challenge of safely driving off the Hab platform while also being strong, quick, and maneuverable drove the team to an elegant system of four mecanum wheels with a leaf spring suspension.

Leaf-Spring Suspension

Carbon Fiber Leaf Springs to Leap off the Hab 

Fabricated using carbon fiber twill donated by our Industry Partners, the leaf springs support our drive modules and allow Arp 142 to descend from the hab like it’s Walking on the Moon.

Composite Drive Modules

A Progression Towards Lightness and Compactness

Reflecting an evolution over the course of three years, Arp 142’s drive modules capture the flexibility of indirect drive while capitalizing on the lightness of composite fabrication. These drive modules 

Four Wheeled Mecanum

Speedy and Strong, Arp 142 is Hard to Push Around

Arp 142 is  using 4” mecanum wheels 

The Drive System Team at Work

What’s the best way to get around the field for this challenge?